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Simple Ways to Refresh Your Life for Spring

It’s time to refresh our spaces for spring! I am sure most of us are doing a little spring cleaning right about now. But how about we go beyond the basics? Here are some simple ways to refresh your life for spring.

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Open the windows and let the fresh air in

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A good way to refresh your life is to start by refreshing your home! One great way is to have fresh air circulating throughout your home. We often have both the front and back doors open in the spring (before the bugs start). It creates a lovely breeze and allows fresh air to move throughout our home. Or open a few windows throughout your home to get fresh air circulating. I especially enjoy airing out my bedroom.

Remember to turn off the heat so it does not start running! I turn it back on in the evening in case the temperature drops low during the night.

This is also a great time to wash your windows and glass doors. Here is my go-to window cleaner recipe:

[mv_create key=”2″ type=”diy” title=”Glass Cleaner” thumbnail=”https://orchardhouse.online/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/IMG_20201209_094641-scaled.jpg”]

Refresh Your Life with Flowers

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Nothing lifts my spirits and refreshes my soul quite like a vase full of fresh blooms. I gather fresh flowers as soon as they start to pop open. If you do not have any flowers in your yard, here are a few ideas for finding blooms:

  • Ask neighbors, friends and family for blooms! Also ask for bulbs to plant for the next year. Oftentimes, people will need to split their bulbs every few years and will probably have some to spare.
  • Visit the farmer’s market for local blooms.
  • Visit a local nursery and purchase bulbs that are blooming (like tulips). Enjoy the blooms and then plant the bulbs for next year!
  • Get permission to gather blooms from an abandoned lot or property. This is a bit odd but if you live in an area that has a lot of abandoned areas (like I do) you understand what I mean!

Air out your warm weather clothing

One big harbinger of spring for our family is bringing down the bins filled with warm weather clothing. I recently came across the idea of airing out your clothing after unpacking it. How nice to think of the fresh air and sunshine awakening our clothing after it has been stuffed away all winter!

We also take the time to pack away all our cold weather clothing. First, I go through my closet and remove everything I know I will not wear in warm weather. Next, I make sure it is clean before folding and packing into the empty bins. I do not pack my heavier coats into bins. Instead, I look them over (don’t forget to clean out the pockets!), spot clean or launder, and then hang in the storage closet.

This is also a good time to rotate your linens. Swap flannel sheets for linen or cotton sheets. Put away the heavy bedspread and replace with a lighter one. Pack away any heavier throw blankets. And always make sure to launder everything before packing away. I also make note of any patching that needs to be done.

Refresh Your Life with Spring Meals

A great way to refresh our life is with a refresh in our diets. With the changing of the seasons, our bodies often need a dietary change as well. I begin to crave light and fresh foods more than I did in the winter. But I definitely don’t skip out on enjoying some lovely sweets (especially when the Easter bunny comes around)! I find it so helpful to make a list of spring meal ideas. When I don’t know what to make for dinner, I can quickly reference my list. Plus, I don’t miss out on making dishes that are intended only for specific holidays. For example, the hot cross bun recipe from Sugarhouse Workshop (can be found in her stories) is fast becoming an Easter family tradition.

A few dishes I love to make in Spring:

  • Mixed baby greens with pickled red onions and whatever else is on hand and sounds good – topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Black bean salad or other mixed bean salads
  • Fried country ham, eggs, grits and biscuits (we always ate this on Easter morning growing up)
  • Homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream
  • Smoothies! – strawberry, mixed berry or chocolate
  • Mulberry Strawberry Jam (recipe coming soon!)
  • Anything lemony – like these lemon bars from Smitten Kitchen and homemade violet lemonade (recipe coming soon!)
  • Our Family’s Favorite Southern Sweet Tea with fresh mint

Use Herbal Recipes to Refresh Your Life

Spring is the perfect time to plan for what herbal recipes you would like to make for the coming year. Lots of plants (often “weeds”) that are beginning to pop up are excellent ingredients for herbal remedies and teas. Plus it’s a good time to start planting or preparing to plant herbs in your garden beds. I get so excited when I start seeing violets and dandelions popping up! I love to make violet lemonade (recipe coming soon) and to gather violet leaves for tea. Dandelion greens and flowers are excellent in salads. And dandelion root is used in teas for aiding the liver.

Here are a few excellent sites for herbal recipes :

Awaken your outdoor space

And let’s not forget our outdoor spaces. Now is the time to start filling empty planters, spreading mulch, planting garden beds and sprucing up our outdoor living spaces.

I always plant pansies in the planters by my front door. I just love their happy faces! And I have found that local nurseries (over a more commercial one at a hardware store) can have offer more variety in their plant selection. Last year, I had such a hard time picking out pansies because they had so many beautiful varieties!

And if you have children, it is also a good time to take stock of what outdoor activities you have or need. We just got the soccer ball and basketball pumped up after a winter’s deflation. Sidewalk chalk is going on the shopping list. And it’s time to have blankets at the ready for picnics and outdoor class.

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