Garden Bed Edging ~ Three Easy Ways

Garden beds usually require some sort of border to define boundaries and keep people and animals out. In my yard, I have found a few ways to make garden bed edging that’s interesting to the eye and easy to construct. Here are three ideas for easy-to-make garden bed edging in your yard.

Garden Bed Edging #1

Slanted Brick

When I was young, I had a small tree near my playhouse. We called it a “cotton bush” but it’s better known as a Rose of Sharon. It brought me so much joy to make a small brick border around the tree. The border was lacking in execution but I still loved it. And now I have recreated a similar design in my yard this year.

Brick Garden Bed Edging How-to

There is a very precise way to lay a brick border. And then there is the more rustic way. I chose the latter.

To start, dig a shallow trench around your bed. I recommend digging it deep enough to cover a third of the brick. Leave the dirt you removed nearby.

Beginning at one corner of your bed, lay a brick on one of its longer sides at a 45 degree angle. Then do the same with another brick right beside your first brick. There will be a little bit of space under the first brick. Pack dirt in this space and a little dirt around the bricks to help hold them in place.

Continue this process of stacking the bricks beside one another. Don’t forget to pack dirt around the bricks as you go. From time to time, step back and make sure you are working in a straight line.

Once you are finished, adjust any bricks that may be out of place. Then once again go around the bricks packing the dirt down. You may even want to use a tamping tool to really pack the dirt well. The key is to make sure the bricks are securely in place and won’t wobble about the moment a good rain comes along.

Materials & Tools

Garden Bed Edging #2

Wattle Fence

A wattle fence is created by weaving branches back and forth between stakes. It is one of my favorite looks in the garden!

Wattle Garden Bed Edging How-to

First, cut your wooden stakes. My stakes were cut about 8″ long. I also like to cut them on the diagonal to make them easier to push down into the ground. I tamped the stakes about 2″ down into the soil and about 8″ apart from one another.

Next, gather your branches. I gathered long wild grapevine branches from an empty lot across from my home. Make sure to gather branches that are not dried out or brittle. They will not have the flexibility you will need for weaving. You can also soak the branches in water to help make them more flexible.

Materials & Tools

  • Wild grapevine or similar branches
  • Wooden stakes
  • Mallet or Hammer

Garden Bed Edging #3

Grapevine Arches

Similar to the wattle fence, this method utilizes wild grapevine branches to make a simple border.

Grapevine Garden Bed Edging How-to

Start by cutting long branches from wild grapevine or a similar vine. Make sure the branches can be bent easily without snapping. Trim the ends on a diagonal.

Simply stick one end of the branch into the ground, bend into an arch and push the other end into the ground.

Continue this method around your garden bed. Make sure to slightly overlap the new branch with the previous branch.

Materials & Tools

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