Brick house with tree blooming

Our life in a 100 year old brick Italianate home.

In 2019, we purchased our first move-in ready home. After 10 rentals and very slow progress on a ramshackle fixer upper, a dream came true for us. We had always hoped to one day purchase a brick home in our neighborhood but imagined that was years away. When we saw this house was for sale, the possibility of actually purchasing it seemed highly unlikely but we gave it a try. Amazingly it all worked out and in June 2019 we began renovations shortly before our second child was born.

Room under construction
Wood floor being worked on
Man working on a wood floor

There were a three big projects we wanted to get done before we moved in. We knew it would be considerably easier to redo floors, paint walls and renovate parts of the kitchen without furniture and small feet running about. So we got to it (well mostly my husband did since I was eight months pregnant). Wallpaper was removed and plaster patched. We had someone come in and paint all the walls and ceilings in the front two rooms and kitchen. We saved trim for a later date. We paid someone else to rip out all the carpet and then my husband refinished the floors. The kitchen cabinets were repainted and a new countertop and sink installed.

Trees being trimmed in front of house
Plaster wall under construction
Close up of door hinge
Room under construction
The upstairs of the house is a whole other story. At some point, a wall was built along the staircase to make the house into a duplex which means we have two front doors and two kitchens! Eventually, we plan on opening the wall along the staircase back up and installing double front doors similar to the original ones. The upstairs is in need of a lot of restoration. Almost every room has drop ceiling and is carpeted but it appears most of the original mouldings are still intact behind drywall! I have slowly started to renovate the front room of the upstairs (pictured above).
Room with exposed brick and plaster walls

Front Room

Room being renovated
Empty room with fireplace
Room decorated with pictures


Kitchen being repainted and renovated
Table with jars of herbs
Kitchen with clean countertop and decorative shelves

Master Bedroom

Man working a wood floor
Bedroom with large windows and fireplace
Corner of a room with comfy chair and sewing table


Bathroom sink and medicine cabinet
Close up of medicine cabinet and light fixture
Toilet with plant on top and pictures hanging above it


Wood floor being sanded
Large black cabinet with books and pictures on top
Bookshelves full of books